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"Diversity within the Profession – speech to CILIP West Midlands Members Day"

Important speech by Nick Poole (CILIP CE), in which he also announced:

"[...] at the last Board meeting two weeks ago, we began an important conversation about putting inclusion, diversity and equality right at the forefront of what we are. We have proposed a new vision of “Inclusive, participatory and socially-engaged information services and libraries at the heart of their communities”.

We have put forward a proposed new mission statement for CILIP to become an activist organisation, inspiring librarians and information professionals to change lives.

We have committed to the values of librarianship as defined by the new Ethical Principles - 'Human rights, equalities and diversity, preservation of access to knowledge, public benefit, intellectual freedom, impartiality & confidentiality'.

We have set out the ambition to publish a manifesto - building on the work of CDEG and Libraries Change Lives – sharing and celebrating the multiplicity of ways in which all types of library and information service can support diverse communities. We will publish this manifesto for a new role for CILIP as an activist organisation at the beginning of April."

Speech published 8 Feb 2019.

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