Disability Cooperative Network

November 13, 2015

Tagged with: Disability, Disability – general issues

The DCN is "working with academics, groups, specialists, curators and managers to share knowledge to break down barriers for disability in the cultural sector."

Their website "is a forum for the museum sector and to connect with charities, groups and individuals outside the sector. This website will include case studies, specialist knowledge and information for both the public facing aspects of museum work and supporting disabled voluntary and paid staff."

It includes:

  • a growing collection of case-studies
  • "Talk to me", "where specialist groups, individuals and organisations are contributing articles, audio and film in relation to what some disabilities are. This is to give a basic knowledge only. The key is to talk to the individual in every instance"
  • Campaigns - "for charities to highlight particular campaigns which relate to museum and the cultural sector"
  • a Glossary
  • Links to key organisations.