LGBT books for children - current issues in the US (and Italy)

August 03, 2015

Tagged with: Children & young people, LGBTQIA people

"In Texas, the debate over same-sex marriage has spilled out of county courthouses and into public libraries across Dallas-Fort Worth. Dozens of residents in Hood County are demanding that LGBT children's books be banned or removed from the library's children's section. In Plano, a couple of parents have asked the public library to move LGBT books to a different section." (Kera News)

Thanks to everyone who's sent me links to recent articles. These include:

"Caught In The Middle: Librarians On The Debate Over LGBT Children's Books"

"Texas Librarian Saves LGBT Children's Books From Parents Who Want Them Banned"

"Fight Over LGBT-Themed Children's Books Heats Up Hood County"

"Two LGBT books to stay on shelves at Hood County Library".

In addition, Italian PEN have just posted a piece, "On the banning of children's books in Venice", which reports on a ban of 49 children’s books.