Museums Change Lives

November 16, 2016

Tagged with: Good practice, Impact, Social policy, Working with communities

Museums Change Lives is the Museum Association's vision for the increased social impact of museums.

It explores impacts under three headings: Wellbeing; Better places; Ideas and people.

The vision is based on the following principles:

  • Every museum is different, but all can find ways of maximising their social impact
  • Everyone has the right to meaningful participation in the life and work of museums
  • Audiences are creators as well as consumers of knowledge; their insights and expertise enrich and transform the museum experience for others
  • Active public participation changes museums for the better
  • Museums foster questioning, debate and critical thinking
  • Good museums offer excellent experiences that meet public needs
  • Effective museums engage with contemporary issues
  • Social justice is at the heart of the impact of museums
  • Museums are not neutral spaces
  • Museums are rooted in places and contribute to local distinctiveness.

Resources include:

In Nov 2016, they uploaded the first in a series of videos that illustrate how museums are increasing their social impact.