Providing services for transgender customers: a guide

December 08, 2015

Tagged with: LGBTQIA people

Practical guidance produced by the Government Equalities Office and Gendered Intelligence (2015). Includes background info, plus good practice with examples:

  1. Treat transgender people as you would all other customers whilst considering the additional sensitivities they may face
  2. Try not to assume someone’s gender simply by their appearance
  3. Consider whether you need to ask someone’s gender
  4. Assume everyone selects the facilities appropriate to their gender
  5. Accept a range of ID other than a birth certificate – you do not usually need to see a GRC to amend personal details
  6. Ask those who transition whilst using your services how you can support them
  7. Update documentation and records efficiently and sensitively
  8. Publicise your good practice and inclusivity to diverse groups

Also includes a section on the law, and further resources.

Providing services for transgender customers: a guide