"Reads and Rights"

October 12, 2016

Tagged with: Social policy, Equality & Human Rights, Diversity

"In October 2015, Bath Spa celebrated Equality and Diversity week. As part of this, the library launched a year-long project entitled Reads & Rights - celebrating equality and diversity in the library collections. Each month the campaign focused on a specific theme including race, gender reassignment, disability, religion and beliefs, sexual orientation, gender, dyslexia, mental health, and diversity and equality.

We crowdsourced ideas from the BSU community and asked the question: ‘Thinking about equality and diversity, which books or people do you feel have been most influential in changing attitudes and beliefs in society or have had an impact on you personally?

The responses were collated and transformed into a digital timeline, contextualising key thinkers and writers over the centuries, encouraging reading and conversations to promote equality and diversity."