Write4Children (June 2013 issue)

This whole issue of Write4Children is devoted to "Diversity, Inclusion & Equality". It includes articles on

- Representing Inclusivity and Diversity in Early Years Publishing

- Same, Same but Different. Publishing culturally diverse children's stories in a changing world

- Who Gets the Purple Plastic Purse? Beyond inclusion in children’s books

- Dyslexia Discourse: E-book accessibility and the resistance of literacy norms in Maggot Moon

- Waiting for Hugo: Writing picture books for children with autism

- What would The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole tell us if he had Special Educational Needs or Disabilities?

- Negotiating Little Red Riding Hood: Creating a modern edition of the classic fairy tale

- Where are the Big Political Ideas in Pre-teen Children’s Books?

- Gendered Marketing in Picture Books: the big pink book of low expectations

- "Every child should be able to relate to their literature": Trainee teachers investigating cultural diversity in picture books

- Looked after children & reading

- Growing Up With ‘Difference’: Inclusive education and the portrayal of characters who experience disability in children’s literature

- Breaking the Mould: Children's books that challenge gender stereotypes

- Books 4 all Kids: Usualising the lives of LGBT people through children's books

- Fairy Tales and Myths and their Significance for the Education of Deaf Children

- Children's Responses to Depictions of Non-Traditional Families in Picture Books

- Two to One: Females outnumbered by males in British (and N American) children's picture books

- Open Your Teeth and Roar: Diversity and the new writer

- Two for the Road: Identities in exile and the quest for the real in divided subjectivities

- Who Wants A Handicapped Child? The portrayal of physical disability in YA fantasy fiction.

Write4Children (June 2013 issue)

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Date published: 2013

Date added: 19 September 2013